Transparent Blur Overlay

I need to find a transparent blur overlay which makes the scene look blurry. I can’t take a SS because I want to use it in other scenes and I have lots of outfits that readers could choose. Does a transparent blur overlay even exist?


Do you want a small part to be blurry or the whole screen?

This is something i had, i’m not sure if this is what you want tho :woman_shrugging:


The whole screen :relaxed:

I will try this though!

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No sorry it’s not quite what i’m looking for. I don’t really want a frosted/fog look.

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If you are still in need for the blur overlay I can make one for you!

If I understand correctly, you want the bg blurred as an overlay that you can fade in over the bg?

They get that blurred background affect by uploading the background, blurring it with whichever app they have and then uploading it as an overlay.

If you tell me which backgrounds you need blurred, I’d be happy to do them up for you. :blush:

Yes that is correct.

No i can do that myself but i have lots of choices and branches and i thought i could save myself from doing lots of the blurred background and getting a blured overlay. I am an overlay creator myself but i could never find a way of how to do it. I dont want a frosted foggy look but just something like this… that could be an overlay

Unfortunately it can’t be done. Because the blurred effect is achieved by the coloured pixels on the background being merged together to create a “blur” effect. There’s no overlay that can be added on the portal to blur the background because it isn’t distorting the pixels. It’s just adding a frosted looking overlay which basically is similar to a cloud on top of the background.

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Yes completely what i thought. Oh well it was worth a try.

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