Transparent Narrator Bubble?

How would I be able to do transparent narrator bubble?
What I mean is usually if you do the basic narrator speech bubble it’s boxed in, but I’ve noticed theres ones that aren’t and they’re kind of transparent.
If anyone has any Idea please let me know lol Thanks!


You had to name your story Demi Lovato in the first place. If you have already named your story otherwise, then it’s not possible. However, the episode team has said that they are working on a new feature regarding speechbubbles (check the announcements part) so that might be an option then :slight_smile:

why is that? (the naming story demi lovato part)

Because that type of bubble style is for the Demi Lovato stories, so if you name it ‘Demi Lovato’ it will set yours to the same thing. I found out too late as well, so I’m waiting for the new speech bubbles. This works with Mean Girls, too. Hope this answered your question :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t even know if I’m fully correct, but this is all I know tbh