Trapped In School || Official Roleplay


Trapped In School

slightly based off the tv show ‘Freakish’

We are 20 years into the future. The most dreaded war has come. Everywhere is in danger. Places are attacking other places left right and centre. No where is safe. President Jed Barlet is constantly trying his best to keep the country safe. Every day is a blessing, since life on earth can be taken in an instant. Even though the world is slowly ending, life is continuing. Everyone still goes to school and work like usual. So do you.

18th October 2028, the town of Riverwood was attacked. A poisonous gas was spread everywhere, and it was unescapable. Everyone in Riverwood died. Or that’s what they think.

You survived. You were in the school, Riverwood High when in happened, the gas completely missed the school, and now you, and around 10 people, are still alive. What happens now? Try and survive, and find out the secrets lurking in this mysterious attack.



The characters start

They are arriving in detention, looking around at who’s there, and when I make the post the attack will happen!

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Why am I here today? It isn’t my fault that I forgot a few things…Okay, it is my fault, but they didn’t have to lock the doors…Okay, they did for security, but still. There are some things in life that shouldn’t be left behind, for me, at least. So I had a pretty valid reason for breaking in.

I walked in the room and sat down, waiting for the others to arrive if there were any. I don’t even know how long I have to be here, but I’m already way past ready to leave.

ORP- Approachable in Detention


Jessica Bailey
She arrived in the classroom for detention, surprisingly, there were a lot of people she knew there. She took a seat in the middle, and hoped that the detention would end soon. She looked to see if the teacher was paying attention, and got her phone out, plugged in her earphones and started listening to music.

Alex Wade
He was already in the classroom before most people had arrived. He was sat at the back, with his head against the wall. He didn’t know most of the people here because he isn’t really one to make friends with people. He had his hand on the desk he was sat at, tapping his fingers, rapidly.

both approachable!


please write in 3rd person and past tense


Nicolas Perez
When he entered detention he seen here three people so far. Once he sat down, he looked around letting his mind run.


Jessica Bailey
She looked up at the person who just came in. Seriously? She thought. Of all people? “Nicolas Perez, what’s a boring, straight-laced guy like you doing in detention? You must be in the wrong room, nerd club is upstairs.” She said to him.

@Mimi0829 - Nicolas Perez


When he looked at Jessica he said
“Oh please don’t play hard to get, I know you want me.” He said Jokingly.


Jessica Bailey
“Right, and I obviously felt that way when I dumped you.” She raised her eyebrows and tilting her head at him. “The only person who wants you, is yourself.”

@Mimi0829 - Nicolas Perez



When he walked into dentention he saw his ex girlfriends. He also saw this pretty little thing. He wanted to get to know her. He had a crush immediately when he say her. She was already talking to someone so he decided to just sit and wait. So he took a seat.


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She walked into the classroom and took a seat in the back corner. She scanned the room to look for anybody that she knew. Across the classroom she could Jessica, her ex-best friend from a few years ago. Since there wasn’t anything to do, she took out a book and began to read it.



He rolled his eyes as Jessica said that “Yeah, Yeah keep telling your self that Jess” He said as he walks away.


Skylar “Skye” Taylors
She entered the room looking around a few people she knew, she smiled after she knew that.
She could already here chattering and commenting mean things about each other and since she is practically insane she laughed at all the comments they were saying. Some people looked at her while whispering to another and she stood there looking all awkward somewhat for what seems to be forever but actually just 5 minutes and such. After a short time, she scanned the room looking for an empty seat and finally found one “how can so many people get detention?” she thought.

Orp: @Ella Joseph Tanner is not my friends with benefits? Infact hes like my ex of some sort so its like ex-boyfriend/dislike


Once he was done talking with Jessica, he scans the room to find someone to sit with. He
sees someone he’s never seen before so, he decides to sit next to her. “Hey I’m Nicolas I don’t think we’ve met.”


She looked over to the boy sitting next to her. “Nice you meet you. I’m Riley,” she said and smiled.


When he heard her name he said “Wow! That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl” he said as he winked.


She blushed a little bit. “So, why are you in detention?” she asked.


When Riley asked that he said “I got detention for being late to class, they should be glad I even showed up.” He said with a laugh. “What about you Riley?”


“Uhg,” she groaned rolling her eyes. “There was a substitute teacher that got mad while calling role and she said that Riley was only a boy’s name. Then she started yelling at me, and I yelled back at her. Eventually she gave up and just gave me a detention,” she said laughing.


“Ooohhh Bad*ss Riley I like!” He said we he let out a small laugh.


“Weirdo,” she said and giggled.