Trapped in School || Roleplay Signups


Trapped In School

slightly based off the tv show ‘Freakish’

We are 20 years into the future. The most dreaded war has come. Everywhere is in danger. Places are attacking other places left right and centre. No where is safe. President Jed Barlet is constantly trying his best to keep the country safe. Every day is a blessing, since life on earth can be taken in an instant. Even though the world is slowly ending, life is continuing. Everyone still goes to school and work like usual. So do you.

18th October 2028, the town of Riverwood was attacked. A poisonous gas was spread everywhere, and it was unescapable. Everyone in Riverwood died. Or that’s what they think.

You survived. You were in the school, Riverwood High when in happened, the gas completely missed the school, and now you, and around 10 people, are still alive. What happens now? Try and survive, and find out the secrets lurking in this mysterious attack.

Notes about your characters:
-A lot of characters will die
-Please try and vary the strengths between characters, and not all have the same

Character spaces:
0/5 Males left
0/5 Females left
MORE will come out further into the roleplay!



@Kale @SilverStar @Mimi0829 @Stxphanix


I am signing up


Submitted! I’m so excited for this!!


I signed up too. :slight_smile:
I’ve never done a roleplay before but it sounds fun!


I’ve just submitted my sign-ups.


@episode_claires your character needs a surname and a faceclaim, you need to send a link of a photo that your character looks like


Signed up!


ill make a boy!


no it has to be a real person?


Sorry, I’m stupid lol
Does this work?


yes it’s great - thanks! :slight_smile:
it’s fine your not stupid, your new, everyone starts somewhere!


:joy: Thanks for understanding.


Sighed up, super exited.


hey, your faceclaim needs to be a link of a real person for what your character looks like :slight_smile:
edit: your character also needs a surname


sorry @episode_claires what was Riley’s surname?


Can I just send it here?


yeah sure - need surname and link of person please :slight_smile:



thank you! character surname too please?