Trapped in School || Roleplay Signups




How exactly does this work? I’ve never done it before.


There is a really helpful guide that has been made for how to roleplay, click HERE and you’ll find everything you need to know! Welcome to the Roleplay Community :slight_smile:


it was Sharpe :slight_smile:


Thank you.




I’ll sign up! Do I have to sign up as a boy or girl? Or any?


the only spot left is a boy :slight_smile:


All spaces are gone! But, if you want a character to come in later - PM me, and we’ll sort something out! :slight_smile:


Alright thanks anyway!


@Mimi0829 weren’t you going to submit a boy?


I was going to but didn’t you say all the spots were taken?


yeah - the last spot was taken by you! xD


Oh :joy: I’m am idiot


I will sign up now.


don’t worry it’s fine! okay good when you sign up i can release the faceclaims and we can do relationships :slight_smile:


Yay perfect.


How old is the average character? Just wanna know so I won’t make him too old or too young


there’s a limit on the google forms, the age range is 15-18 :stuck_out_tongue: