Treadwater animations make my character disappear?!

Hi guys,

Looking for help!

Maybe I am doing something wrong but when I use the treadwater animations the characters disappear… whether they are idle or using talking animations they just disappear until a different type of animation is directed!?

Can anyone help!? It’s driving me crazy :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if this could be it, but the treadwater animations treat your characters as if the are sitting down. So if you have them low on the screen, they’ll drop even lower when treading water


the treadwater animation is used for when character(s) are swimming

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much. I was literally baffled. Can’t believe it was that simple. :rofl::rofl: Feel like a total donut now! Thank youuu :cupid:

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No worries :laughing:

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They are in a pool but I didn’t realise it was like a sitting emoji… the spot directing was putting them off screen every time it was a treadwater animation !! :slight_smile: Solved thanks for your comment though :cupid:

np :slight_smile:

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