Trending stories & Editors pick... Main difference?

Hi, can somebody explain me main difference between this two sections? I have thought that “trending” is based on readers redemption… I understand it so that displayed on the app in trending section are the stories who have under. 1000 user trending rank.

But what the story must have to be in the editors pick?

Does anybody know?

Trending would be the stories rank overall across all genres.

Editors pick is like stories that have been featured on a previous shelf.
(this is how it was explained to me).


Just as Fallen had said

The Editor’s Picks however take more things into consideration. To be an Editor’s Pick the story has to have good reader retention and reader scores. The reader scores are the stars that you see pop up after reading the fourth chapter of a story. If those star ratings are high (coupled with a high reader retention) then the story qualifies to be an Editor’s Pick.

Now, I believe many stories qualify for it every month, but it’s Episode themselves that pick which ones make it on the shelf out of the many that do.

If I got anything wrong someone correct me please


Um may its my english but what do you mean with STARS pop up after 4chapter? I got kinda lost. :grin:

When you play a story, does it not ask you after three chapters to rate it? :thinking:


And what is rhe difference between readers score and readers retention.

Ahh!! Now I know what you mean… LoL… Umm… Can I see star rating of my own story somewhere?

Article on reader retention: Episode Explained: Reader Retention
More explained:Episode Explained: Creator's Contests

I believe not though you can see what your rank is.


I feel dumb but I am not sure I get the difference even after reading it. :thinking: :joy: So the score is for each chapter while the redemption is overall number?

Hi, OK, so reader retention is how many chapters they read. do they read just a few or all of them? It’s better if they read all because that gives you a higher retention. A random example = A writer with 50K reads and people only reading like 2 chapters has a lower reader retention that an author with 7k reads and every chapter of theirs being read (all three). Hope this makes sense :heart: And other stuff also contributes to a story being picked, I believe. It’s best to follow what the rubric says :thinking:


I get the readers redemption but not quite the readers score. :grin: But never mind. I will stay by what I see in the portal… The trending numbers and simply will hope thay gett better in time. :wink:

I’m sorry i couldn’t be of more help. Honestly, I don’t pay attention to this stuff and don’t care about my rank, i just love putting a smile on people’s faces and reading my own work lol, all that extra stuff is just a bonus imo :joy:

:rofl:Ha ha I get you. But I confess I do watch the ranks. Because fand do write me but one get hardly info from people who do not like the story. So the trending numbers kinda are for me like a signal that based on our numbers readers seem to stay with the story even we have in general only few reads. Honestly the fact that with only something above 5k reads we from time to time are between the trending stories (at the end of the list) is a big boost for will to go on writing in time I feel bit stuck. :grin:

Meh, at the end of the day it’s just a number, do it for the love, not the rank, IMO if you truly love writing, you shouldn’t focus so much on a rank :woman_shrugging:

I agree with you only partly. But fully respect your point of view!! :heart:

For sure it is just number and life is not based on it.

But I have hoby painting… I paint for relaxing I do not sell it nor I am expecting other to like it or even want it… Ehen people asked me to paint for them even offering money I fell not well like suddenly bonded that I must fulfill something… So painting is very introvert part of my art expression…

If I would have writing the same way I would agree with you. 100%

But surprisingly by writing I realy do care about the openion of others about what I do. And based on feedback I try to get better. And by writing contrary to painting if nobody would like it and reade it I would be I guess feeling frustrated about myself and my writing and mabie even gived up.

I am not saying it is the right aproach. Just that that is the way how I feel about writing… Writing is something I want to share with other therefore it matters if others are interested. If it make sence. :grin: Its like baking cakes nobody wants to eat a bit for me in case nobody would read it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: