Trending User Story Rank -Explanation?

Hi is there somewhere Trending User Story Rank explanation?

We have published our clue contest story Clue:Secret of the Necklace

We from start of our story despite of having not even 100 readers yet tended to be
Trending User Story Rank: (2000-3000 ( #(100-300 in Mystery ) constantly during the last I blieve 3 weeks from publishing.

sudenlly we today morning got

Trending User Story Rank: 2255 ( #6854 in Mystery ) ???

Which seem to me like nonsence - because iif we are around 2000 most readed episode over all we cant be almost 7000 in the Mystery gendre… or I totaly do not understand the ranks???

and now only one reed more and we are

Trending User Story Rank: 2235 ( #108 in Mystery )

Can somebody explain me how 1 read can make us jump rank 6000 down or up? in the Mystery ???

That sounds like a glitch. It’s a very common one.

Ah OK.yet it is very frusrating. :smiley: Seeing your story droping to the bottom for no obviouse reason. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I tend to fine my rankings glitch on some of my stories once a day (usually in the evening CST).