Trending User Story Rank Query

Hi guys!

I’m just a bit curious and unsure on how the “Trending User Story Rank” works.

Here is what I’m currently at.

Is my 305 rank good or bad?

Is being a lower number considered bad or good?


The lower your number, the ‘better’ you are ranked. If you were number one in a genre, you’d be the first story that comes under that tab on the app, for example


Ah, gotcha!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. Congrats on 137 on romance :wink:

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Haha thank you! :relaxed:

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Woah. That’s really good! What’s the name of your story?:slight_smile:

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305 is really good, especially when you have 2.4k reads. Congrats! :confetti_ball:

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A Dangerous Path :blush:

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Oh yay! :blush:

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