Trending user story rank?


I’m curious about how the trending user story rank works. Does anyone know? My story was always around 1k or so but this past week I’ve had a large amount of reads and my trending rank has continued to go down. Right now it’s in the 300s.

I’m just wondering how that’s determined. Reads? The stars from rating? Or maybe something else? :thinking:


It definitely has to do with reads, but more to do with the retention. I’m not the best at explaining it, but it’s like the interest people have in your story (I think). I think it’s something like somebody just reading one or two episodes gives you bad retention, whereas someone reading a lot of your episodes gives you higher retention. I hope I explained that well :sweat_smile: someone can probably explain it better


Ohh that makes sense. I’ve heard a little about reader retention but didn’t know exactly what it meant in terms of ranks and stuff. Thanks!