Tricks to make an interesting story BY: MeanGirl

(These may sound like Ive copied from Joseph Evans,but I haven’t, so ignore you wanna think anything you can think,it’s for your good anyways)
Hello episodians!

Today I will be suggesting some tricks to make your own interesting story, all organized and prepared, so you can make a good story like popular writers!
So? What are we waiting for? Let’s get on the point!

:writing_hand:t2:Tip- 1
So… when you decide to write your OWN story, it might be hard work, so the best thing to do is write down notes :memo:, the easier way to do this is.
Step 1- get paper and a pen or pencil
Step2- first think about what the real theme is (thriller,romance,drama,or horror)
Step3-think about a title, it’ll be easier when you decide what the theme is.
Step4-decide your characters name.
Step5:try to make the MAIN,character unique, and someone special.
Step6: try to have a backstory,with the theme and how it all started.
Step7: get ideas what will happen at least,in the first 3 episodes, so after you can continue without writing down.
Step8:write down in a short sentence what the meaning is of the story.
Step9: write down the ideas of making the main character,or if people can customize it, you don’t have to.

:memo:Tip- 2

:when making a story, I recommend not taking things fast, like *im rich! I’ll buy s house right now!,“after” SEE I BOIGHT A HOUSE AND NEW OUTFITS!
It makes it a little weird and too much fast moving on, everything should seem like it’s realistic, if it won’t have that effect of realistic, what’s the point here?

 That's all for TODAY!
        Thanks for reading!
By MeanGirl💜

What do you think is the best way to present a character?

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Rob give the main character a unique personality, and give gen Brody features some…like idk, maybe he true colors could be really pretty and special? I’m sorry if this is not what you wanted to know but, the main character always has to be friendly unique, but always have a sad time they had in the past.

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You’re welcome

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