Trigger warnings, outros, and char cards {OPEN}

Hey guys, I hadto re-do this post because it was flagged by the Forum Admin for some reason that Im not entierly sure of.
But I am doing FREE Trigger warning back grounds, outro back grounds and character cards
Here are some examples of my work

Trigger warnings

The second one is old so its not the best but the 1st one is recent, its from today actually.


character cards

how to get one

All you have to do is click the link and everything else is self explanatory.
When you finish requesting one of these, Dm me on instagram telling me you did so that I can make sure I got it and send you a confirmation message.

Promotion/ Instagram- @vibezz.wmata AND
Story coming March/April 2021
Promotion/ Episode app info: MataWrites
Stay tuned :grinning: :revolving_hearts:
If you have any input, please feel free to inbox me.