Trixxzilla Art Shop 🎨 (free and commission arts)

@RACHEL2 & @Thima_123 both of you made requests to @EdwardNorton who seems like is a unavailable at the moment so, if you want you can make your request to another artist in our artshop.


@RACHEL2 and @Thima_123 actually I am free and don’t have any requests right now so if you want I can do it for you.

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Hii as u are the owner of the shop, just a little note pls refrain from showcasing arts from other artists without their permission because i went to @EdwardNorton IG and found that the example that has been added under his/her name is made by someone else. @EdwardNorton had commisioned that example from an artist @miss.belle.creates on IG


Pls check into this matter


thank you for the offer luv :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but I don’t need it anymore just wanted to know if @EdwardNorton was taking requests or not.

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Thank you for the information

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Request more!

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no problem

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@Riya.writes Password Trixxies
Art scene in Limelight

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