Trolling help please


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Tell the mods maybe?


That’s awful, sorry to hear you’re going through that.

I haven’t had a troll but from what I’ve seen the best thing to do is report whenever you can and also I know this is easier said than done but ignore them. Trolls are usually people with an ulterior motive and they feed on attention so by not giving them that they feel as though they aren’t affecting you the way they want.

I hope you resolve it soon :heart:


Thank you. We have reported them multiple times but they get to us on other things


One thing for sure. Don’t “feed” them, don’t respond to them, that’s why they keep going.

And keep reporting!

Hope whoever it is it will leave you alone soon!


Play into their criticism? I know it’s a long shot, but I can be quite sarcastic with these sorts of things so I’m the type of person that would respond like this:

Troll: You look so ugly blah blah blah

Me: Aw thank you babesss, you just made my day. Love you Trolly Wifey :heart:

I get not everyone has that mentality but I assume they would get bored and annoyed with the replies? :joy:





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