Tropes that always make you cry/tear up 😥

Drop your favorite tearjerking tropes, along with an example if you can think of one! (blur spoilers pls)

I’ll go first: I always tear up when a character reads and/or watches a message from a dead loved one. (I can’t really think of an example off the top of my head)


i tear up when the MC meets their younger self and updates them on what happened. like just seeing their innocent younger self hearing the traumatic sad things their older self experiences just makes me sad.
I cant think of an example though :sob:


Want to make an episode story that is practically guaranteed to actually make me sob? Follow these few simple steps!

  1. Have two characters, any type of relationship will do but hits hardest with couples
  2. Separate them. (necessary!) Like they can either get really old and die a little while apart and have a happy life and get separated and always dream of seeing each other again like-
  3. MAKE THEM MEET AGAIN when they are dead! In the afterlife or… what is a guaranteed tear-jerker… somewhere that has emotional weight. (I can’t spell lol)

Like literally, if one’s like: “Remember when we did XYZ” like BROOO stawpp I didn’t plan on crying 2day :pleading_face: :tired_face:

EDIT: also if they hold hands, look at each other n fade away I’M DONE :sob: :sob: :sob:


Stories about the “one that got away” or “right person, wrong time” so they gotta break up will undoubtedly get me in the feels! :smiling_face_with_tear:

It doesn’t make me cry, but I’m OBSESSED with “character who’s not in their original body/ possesing someone elses body and/or appearance unintentionally”, such a good trope that adds so much angst and creativity. Best example for this is Mitsuba from tbhk

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