Tropes you actually like

When most people talk about tropes, the discussion tends to go to talking about tropes one dislikes. So how about we talk about tropes we actually like/ at least tolerate.

Doesn’t have to be just about Episode, go crazy!

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Hm, mcs who aren’t so naive.


Hmm, let me see:

When there’s no more than two love interests and the two have very detailed lives outside of the main character’s view. When they have their own stories and hopes. When they have their flaws and they are beneath it all, imperfect people.

When a character says, “it can’t get any worse”, and it does, in fact, get worse. Makes me laugh every time!

When there’s an element of mystery to the story— something hidden beneath the surface that our character is slowly starting to see/uncover. Either passively or actively.

The antihero! I am not the biggest fan of “the chosen one”, but I love a good antihero!


I like Enemies to Lovers.


I’d love a story where the MC is a villain and you’re rooting for them.


Enemies to Lovers and Friends to lovers are amazing! I just am in love with the awkward scenes between the Friends and the Spicy and Heated arguments between enemies! I would totally Like them!!

I also like when the MC stands up from the bullies! Like when the author gets creative with the words the MC uses against the bullies, really makes me go like ATTA GIRL!


The Masculine Girl and Feminine Boy trope is a huge favorite of mine. Closely related is the Strong Girl, Smart Guy trope.

The Girly Bruiser is another one because it’s too prevalent in media that women aren’t shown to be into stereotypically girly things and be an ass kicker in their own right.

I like a good written Power Trio too


Nice use of tv tropes.


The ‘unlikely to form a friendship’ trope, where a person who is cold, distant, and independent becomes friends with a person or group of people who try really hard to befriend them, but that person isn’t very interested at first.

Sweet guy LIs

Yes! I love this one as well.


Enemies to lovers and slow burn romance.


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