Trouble coding and i need help

Okay i am having trouble so when i make my male taller then the female and i put in my script and i preview he is still short so what can i do to fix that?


well if he is clearly different when you changed him in the preview and when you saved it and played it and he still was the same
then i think this is a glitch and refreshing the page should help

nope it didn’t so i don’t know what to do

Can you share your script? It’ll be easier to see that way:)




When it comes to wanting a character to be a specific scale size, don’t use “enters, stands, exits” commands because those use the default scale size of 1.280.

If you want your character to enter with a specific height, you’ll have to spot direct them offscreen with the scale you want them at then make them walk to a spot onscreen

You can read more here, scroll down to “walking with spot direction”


It worked thank you sooo much.

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It worked