Trouble getting characters to kiss?

Ugggh, I know this should be super simple - but I suck.
My two characters are at this position -

@VIOLET spot 0.910 -58 161
@VIOLET walks to spot 0.910 81 192 in 2

@VALENTINE spot 0.973 397 183
@VALENTINE walks to spot 0.973 199 180 in 2

Every time I attempt to code in a passionate kiss, errors come up.
I have watched tutorials on YouTube, but just don’t get it.

Sorry for the super dumb question!

Are you using INK or LL?
INK has a template, LL doesn’t.
For the kiss to work one of the characters must be rear, you need to use layering and face them in the right directions,


I’m using INK :slight_smile:
What’s the best way to learn how to use layering?

When you want one character to be above another you use @CHARACTER1 moves to layer 0 AND @CHARACTER2 moves to layer 1
in that case character 2 would be above character 1

Also there is a section where they have a template for kissing in the writer portal, but it’s always good to know how to use spot directing and layers