Trouble making multiple outfits for plus sized character

I made a character with the new body type and I can’t figure out how to make more than the default outfit for her. In the drop-down box where it says “for” the options are only generic male and generic female. Is there a way to make more outfits, or is that not available yet or something?

(Is this the right category? :eyes:)

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I actually JUST submitted a support ticket for this same issue. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I tried restarting my browser and logging out of the portal.

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Mine just says generic female and generic male :thinking: I tried logging in and out, closing tabs, etc. but plus female won’t show up.

It’s not there.
Like I said, I have already tried closing the browser and logging out of the app.

that is weird.

try to clean the cookies and history from your browser, maybe it’s works.

Alright gone through the gammit of clearing history and cookies.

Yeah that’s how it looks for me too😐

Same here :expressionless:

Clearing my cache worked for me if people are still having this probelm🤍