Trouble on deciding, heheh

So, I’m currently writing my first story (or maybe like the 358th attempt on my first story but ignore that) and I’m having a dilemma.

I intentionally wanted the story to have 4 MCs and every episode would be focused on one of them. So, the first episode would be character 1’s story, the second episode would be from character 2’s point of view and so on.

The problem is that I somehow feel that I develop just one out of four MCs, but that is probably because she’s an Episodian version of me. I have the storyline written down, but I simply prefer writing in this specific character’s point of view so much more. I’ve been thinking of simply changing the story to one single MC, but I love the idea of switching point of views.

What would you do? Keep the switching through MCs every episode or having a single MC? Don’t mind sharing your opinions too:)

  • Keep 4 MCs
  • Have just one MC

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I think having 4 MC is cool and fresh but if it’s a huge struggle I think it’s better to stick to that one character


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