Trouble remembering past choices!

The last episode I wrote like this:

TATHIANA (sigh_disappointed)
(Oh my…)
“Ironic” {

TATHIANA (talk_excited)
It was the most soft brain I’ve ever touched!

} “Disgusting” {

TATHIANA (talk_sad_exhausted)
I know what I saw!


And then when I tried to make them remember, so Matheus could give a different reaction… during the preview on the app, it just skipped the whole branch I’ve made.
And went straight to the part where he says another thing.

Can someone help me? Please…

Is the if/elif/else in a different episode from the choice or are they both in the same episode?

The web previewer doesn’t remember things from previous episodes. You will have to test your story in the app.

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I think they are…

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