Trouble With Animation

Hello, these warnings are coming up in my story and I’ve tried to change some things to fix it but nothing is working, I was wondering If anyone knew what was going on ?

Don’t worry, a lot of authors face this problem now and there are multiple threads asking how to fix it. Long story short, it’s a glitch and it’s not a problem with your device. Episode hasn’t fixed this yet, but you can still publish stories that have this warning because you can’t do anything about it.

However, if you use an animation that doesn’t exist, this will show up. If you do everything correctly, it will still show up but like I said above, it’s just a glitch and you can still publish episodes with this warning.

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Try using ‘is’ instead of ‘starts’

It might be a glitch from episode. You can still publish the story tho but the character will remain idle at those points where the animations were supposed to happen.

Hmm, if nothing else has worked so far, add spaces to the background name maybe? After the “.” and near the hyphen.


Sorry if that doesn’t work, these things can be so specific! :sweat_smile: