Trouble with Easing Functions

Hi! I’m trying to use an easing function, but it keeps saying that the easing type doesn’t exist. I’ve checked several sources, and I’m fairly certain it does exist (and I’ve tried other easing types), but I keep getting that same script warning. Here’s the code I have so far (other than creating and scaling the overlay).

Now here’s a list of all the things I’ve tried so far:

• Checking my spelling
• Changing the ampersand to an “@”
• Removing the “in zone 2” part
• Capitalizing every letter in “easeOutInBack”
• Using lowercase for every letter in “easeOutInBack”
• Trying different easing types
• Testing my story on the app and seeing if it shows up anyway
• Changing the spot it shifts to

Thank you so much for helping!

using easeinout

Here’s a thread for a list of easing functions:


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