Trouble with If Elif Else

Hey guys! I’m am having some real trouble using if elif and else commands. This is the first time I’ve tried to do this so any advice would be extremely helpful! I’ll post pictures below.


(above is the error)


This is the choice, I use this choice twice. I do this because the story branches before the outfit change.

When doing if loops, the else section shouldn’t have an expression after it ( Dress is Shorts).
Try adding that to a second elif and at the end in the else section just write “continue”


If (…) {

} elif (…){

} elif(…) {

} else {

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I’ll give it a whirl! Thank you!

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Ooops! Sorry @Sydney_H ! I thought I clicked the right one! :smile:

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if (label1) {
} elif (label2) {
} else {

if is always first, elif is always in the middle, and else should always be the last one by itself
:point_up: Taken from Dara’s thread. The last choice should be else on its own.
if(DRESS is “Skirt”){

}elif(DRESS is “Boots”){



No problem, it happens. :grin:

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Okay! Thank you! It works perfectly now! Thank you!


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