Trouble with layer


Hi everyone I need some help. Preferably from those that have used the INT. COURTROOM WIDE - DAY. As you can see in this picture

the girl is in the jury stand, and I want her on the outside of the jury stand… I used all of the layer suggestions in this picture but none of them worked… I’m at a total loss here so any suggestions would be great! Thanks so much :heart:


Hmm, so the is part of it an overlay? If so what layer is it on?because then you should just be able to move the character to a layer in front of the overlay.


A bit of a strange suggestion but maybe add at layer 2 next to the scene name?


No it’s a regular background… I haven’t added any overlays…


Yeah I could try that! Thanks I’ll let you know :slightly_smiling_face:


No won’t work… It just says that it doesn’t exist… I could show you guys a screenshot of my script so you know how it’s set up?


That would be great thank you!


Ahh I see - you may need to use an overlay but maybe @Dara.Amarie or @Apes can help too :sparkling_heart:


No problem, I’ll take one right now!


Thanks for the recommendations! Should I maybe private message them? Or see if they respond to this post?


Perhaps PM them your issue if they do not respond to this post here.

Also, there are directing help threads which may offer some help. Bear with me, I will send you some links.


Thank you so much! I’d really appreciate that! Don’t worry take your time :heart:


Also, quick warning!

Dara is on a vacation so she is enjoying her lovely self.


Ah okay thanks for the warning :slightly_smiling_face: I won’t disturb her then… And thank you for the links!


No worries - usually you will find even more links and help threads when browsing directing help where someone is bound to be online and help :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Oh cool thank you for that tip too! I’ll get that screenshot… Sorry got distracted lol :laughing:


Haha no worries (distraction happens to the best of us :wink: me included)


This is my script…


Haha thanks for understanding lol! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


The “at layer 2” isn’t supposed to be there… I forgot to delete it before the screenshot lol :joy:.