Trouble with my Spot Placing

Hey everyone! I’m pretty new to the forum and to writing so I haven’t learnt a lot. One thing I definitely have learnt is spot placing, but I’ve never experienced a problem until now…

I’ve been having a few problems with my spot which I have been putting my character. I’m using limelight and the directing is-

@transition iris out in 3

@BG6 spot 0.619 161 334
@pan to zone 2

-and my character should be about here:


I couldn’t get the character in the perfect spot in my photo because the problem i’m having is that if I put my character in this spot, it ends up all the way over here:

Please help guys! :sob::sob:
I’m so confused!

JASMINE :wilted_flower:

Try this:
@BG6 spot .619 161 334 in zone 2

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OMG thankyou!! It worked! :grin:


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