Trouble with overlay


So normally I don’t have this trouble as I know what I’m doing.
I was on a roll with my script until I came across this error that I hadn’t specified shifts, opacity and all that crap but I clearly have, this is what I’ve got.

&overlay MC ARM AND PHONE shifts to 242 58 in zone 1 at layer 12

Can someone possibly lend a helping hand please?


Remove the layer from that command. The command to change the overlay’s layer is:
@overlay OVERLAY to layer #


thank you for replying but it still isnt working


You also need to reupload your overlay and change the name to just MC ARM PHONE. You can’t use the word AND for character or overlay names, because then the script system thinks you are trying to use the AND command.


oooooh i had no idea, thank you so much ill give a try now