Trouble with Overlays


I’m really struggling using overlays. I did a scene with a car overlay and it worked perfectly, however I’m trying to make my character sleep in bed with a blanket over her. Whenever I preview that scene, the overlay doesn’t even show up. It appears somewhere else off the screen. Please help, thank you!

@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 586 279 to 356% in 0

&overlay 5879142682066944_BEDROOM BLANKET shifts to 191 163
&overlay 5879142682066944_BEDROOM BLANKET scales to 0.333 0.333
&KATRINA spot 0.659 206 230 AND KATRINA is sleep_sitting


Wait what do you mean by “.333 191 163”
The first measurements?


So do I type in the following?:
INT. DAY BEDROOM with BEDROOM BLANKET to 191 163 0.333 0.333


Ohh, alright I got it. Thanks so much!


This solve your problem @dayietta? :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you!


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: