Trouble with remembering a past choice

Hey everyone!
So I’m having a bit of trouble with coding (lol beginner problems).

Basically in Chapter 2 of the story I am writing, I have a choice where the MC can go shopping or go home.
If she goes shopping, the reader unlocks 3 outfits and they can choose only one for the MC to wear in Chapter 3.
If she doesn’t go shopping and goes home, she will wear another outfit that is not included in the bonus ones.
In Chapter 3, I want the MC to wear the outfit the reader choose from the bonus outfits. Or if they choose to go home, have her wear the other outfit.
Does anyone know how to do that? I know this may sound confusing so feel free to ask questions :purple_heart::purple_heart:

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Oh okay, that solves half of my problem. But I think I won’t give the reader the choice to not go shopping (muahaha). Welp thank you anyway! :purple_heart:

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I’d be glad to help you, what are you having problems with now?

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Nvm I worked around it, it’s hard to explain and even harder to understand. Anyway, nothing was lost or left out. Thank you so much for trying to help! :purple_heart:

No problem!!!

(If this is @black_jack, then I am also @The_Crazy_Monkeys)

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