Trouble with using younger characters for flashback scenes

I’m working on my first story and in this, I’m doing a flashback scene to when the main characters were teenagers. My main characters name is Lucy. So I have a Lucy character and I created a Young Lucy character for the flashback with younger features and a different hairstyle. When creating the outfit for this character, it keeps loading her as LUCY and not YOUNGLUCY. I keep changing the character to YOUNGLUCY in the drop down menu and saving it but every time I go back in, it’s loaded as Lucy again.

What am I doing wrong and how do I fix this issue?


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Make sure when you are in the picking outfit that up at the top above the Character you have YOUNGLUCY and not LUCY. I had the same thing happen to me and after about a 1hour of not knowing how to fix it I seen I had the wrung character with the outfits.

That’s actually what I keep changing. When I pull up the outfit, it automatically loads it as LUCY even though it’s listed as YOUNGLUCY. I’ve been changing it to YOUNGLUCY and saving it but it’s not taking. When I pull the outfit back up, it’s back to LUCY.

It won’t save the character that comes up in the previewer during the outfit creation, that doesn’t really matter. Just make sure that you are altering the YOUNGLUCY_default or that you have her change into the outfit in the script.

It did mine that’s why I was say make sure.

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I don’t know then sorry. That’s all i had to do

Ah I see. This happens to me too. Just load the character up as YOUNGLUCY again after you put the clothes on. It’s not a glitch or anything, it just happens.