Trouble writing portal

Is it just me who can’t use the writer portal because it’s lagging? I can’t create my new char right now and it’s kinda annoying…


Don’t worry - Episode Interactive lags 24/7. Just refresh and open and close the page - if that doesn’t work give it a few days. Sadly it’s one of the cons of Episode.



to bad I just had a lot of inspiration… well maybe for another time :heart:

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Hey there, maybe if you tell me what you wanted I could write it all down for you and then send you a script of it or something.

Did you try switching web browsers? I had this issue and found out, it was the web browser that was acting up.

I can’t preview my story with a in review overlay , is this permanent now or is it just the writer portal being messed up? I can’t do much with my story till it’s sorted x

It shouldn’t be doing this…

can you send a picture of your script?

and have you made sure there aren’t any errors?

I don’t know how to make a post so I just decided to reply on a simulator problem. I’m trying to have my story remember a choice and I’m putting in the correct script but every time I go into my story on the app and preview it, it goes to where the branch joins not the if chose blah blah blah. Please help someone!

Post a picture of your script :slight_smile:

How do I do that @darryl_daddy? I’m new to Episode Forums.

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all these pictures look the same…

post the actual choice so i can see what went wrong :slight_smile:

Hi I lost all my progress too and I can’t get it back. I’m kinda new to this too, so i’m just asking for yall help pls. I was reading one but I can’t remember the name of it can yall pls help me find it again.

It’s about a girl ( I don’t remember her name) that had a bestfriend then the bf left and came back when she was all grown up, but she was so hurt that she met a new guy that owned a tire shop. She ended up sleeping with both guys (her bestfriend and the other guy) The babyfather was the bestfriend and then she had to choose which one of them she would like to stay with and marry. (it was our own choice to choose) and it goes on

I really appreciate yall time to read this. PLS HELP

I have a problem with my writing portal. Whenever I try to save my progress, it takes a really long time which is abnormal. Usually it doesn’t happen. This has been happening for quite some time already. Idk what happened so…