Troubles with Anchor points help!

I’m having troubles with moving arm overlays, I cant seem to understand the anchor points. I know the basics but some of my overlays need a bit of adjustments with its anchor points. Can someone help me???

Does anyone know what anchor point i should use to make this arm move downwards. The point should be on the edge of the arm.

i think its not about anchor point… anchor point will be 0.5 0.5 but degre will change … like… 80 ?.. or something?

i rotate it to 90 but isnt 0.5 0.5 in the middle? wont that make a funny jump while its moving?

okay, so you want to animate it?
like its moving?

yes, please.

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uhmm so I think it will be 0.0 0.0


I have tried that but the overlay lifts up a bit before landing on its position

have u tried all anchor points?

and if not
then I think u should try… anchor point 1 0

doesn’t work :frowning:

0 1 ??

yes i have. I tried all the basic points. i want the point to be in the edge of the arm

I want the anchor point to be in that position (the blue dot)

From my knowledge the anchor point of any overlay is 0.5 0.5 unless you want your overlay to do something else you you make that anchor point be more higher than the original point. As for the degrees I usually play around with it till I find out the actual degree I need :slightly_smiling_face:

To make your overlay appear downwards your degrees may have to be negative

For example:
@OVERLAY NAME rotates -180 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in T

so I tried
0 0
0.5 0
0.5 1
0 0.5
1 0.5
1 0
0 1
And none of the above made the overlay move as I want it to

Overlays all sit on a positive 1x1 plane. I think you’re on the right track; I like to animate limb overlays at natural joints as well. Look at your overlay like it’s on a graph and the anchor points all make sense. Here’s a messy example using the picture from above:

I was never the best at math, but the grid only goes up to 1 on either side so you can work in halves or fourths and still be pretty accurate. Judging by my example—which is admittedly not straight, lol—your anchor point should be somewhere around ( .375, .025 ) Essentially, your X-value should be a little under .5 and your Y-value anywhere from 0 to .025, I think. You’ll have to play around with the degrees.

What I normally do is edit my overlays to makes thing easier when coding anchor points, so if I were you, I’d edit my overlay by rotating it to a point of having the end of the arm in the bottom right corner and then upload that overlay and use it instead. Bottom right corner should be 0 1.

You could always rotate it more when you actually add it to your script to fit your scene. Hope this helps! :blush:

Thank u so much!

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