True Friends Search!

Hi!! :green_heart:
All my in-person friends dropped me because they got annoyed with my depression and anxiety. ( :roll_eyes:) So, I need friends who understand and won’t abandon me just because I struggle sometimes.
Also, I don’t have many episode friends. :frowning:
Here is a little about me if you are interested :arrow_down:

About me

Panromatic ace
VERY awkward in person
Good heart


hey ima kiera haha


and im am always up for new freinds tbh you seem like a neat person and trust me I relate to alot you say I have social anitexy and aniexty and also ADD and ADHD and other. stuff haha

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What type of person would get annoyed at that? That’s not a good “friend” But hii!! I’d say I’m nice, I like speaking to people here on the forums, everyone is really kind😊 I struggled with depression in the past, I went to therapy and it helped, it’s a hard thing to live with, it was a really bad year for me.

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Heyy i can be ur friend! I am rly true, my since i met my bsf here i never left her (it was not since my first here btw, its wayyy before) but yeah i’d be hapoy to be ur friend, just so uk im 14

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And u have insta i see, we could talk there too

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heyyy I’m cass!! I’d be happy to be one of ur episode friends!!! I have anxiety as well and im lgbt as well…

Hey we can be friends :slight_smile: I have anxiety and social anxiety, I’m also 17 and very awkward both in person and online lol

I would love to…follow me in Instagram (indigo,.episode)…u will get me and then I’ll follow u back

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Dm me and we can talk :blush:

Sorry for the late replay btw, and yeah im gonna do it asap :purple_heart::cherry_blossom::purple_heart::cherry_blossom::purple_heart:

Btw im bi :rainbow_flag:

The fact that your friends would even get annoyed with you because you’re struggling doesn’t just show that they’re bad friends, it shows that they’re bad people. I’m really sorry that happened to you. On a lighter note, I’ll be your friend! My name’s Mia, I’m 16 and I’m panromantic too!


Bonjour I’m Eva :heart: (:
I feel a bit lonely too since I haven’t been In to school since nearby 3 months (thanks to covid19)
I see a lot of my friends going out and I yeah I also feel rejected lmao x))

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Hey guys, I’m indigo

I’m also searching for friends…
My own ppl betrayed me and left me for popularity

And I’m all alone

Ppl leaves me coz they do not want to have a depressed person like me

I’m 16, from Bangladesh and I’m introvert and I’m very depressed person

If u can under stand me u are always welcome to talk with me in Instagram

My Instagram acc : indigo.episode

Thank you guys!

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What is yr Instagram acc

U can dm me in Instagram

This is my acc : indigo.episode

I don’t have insta, but please feel free to PM me!

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