Truth or Dare game


I dare u to put this emoji :sleepy: in your next 25 posts.


Sure! :sleepy:

I love cupcakes.


Truth, please.





@SilverStar please remain on topic as spamming is against our forum rules. Thanks!




Can’t i get a truth, please?


If you had to forget one year of your life, which year would you choose to forget? And if you’re comfortable with sharing, why?


Thanks for letting us know, Brutus!


My junior year at school, my health, both mental and physical we’re going to kill me


someone hit me up with a dare :wink:


I dare you to speak in riddles for your next ten posts


The response to this dare begins with a y, ends with an s, and is generally used to indicate affirmation. It is an answer to many questions, and regarded as one of the most simple of the English language.



clears throat Anyone?


I dare you to… looks around tell Scar on the chat that she’s the nicest person you’ve ever met in 5 sentences.


XD okay


I’m so terrible at this. :expressionless:




Beautiful beautiful. I saw it.