Truth or Dare game


It’s Jesus in space.



Miles McKenna is a YouTuber who actually seems like a genuinely good dude who’s trying his best.
His videos really helped me come to terms with and accept myself and feel like it was ok for me to exist.
He also has some really solid advice which helped me a lot and overall he just seems like he’s trying to be the best version of him he can be y’know? And I respect that.

Space Jesus is a DJ and I really like his music and he just seems like a really rad dude.
He also has a super cool persona which he fully embraces in his music which is literally Space Jesus. He goes pretty heavy on the alien themes and like Sofa Surfin’ for example is about how he’s trapped on earth for six months.
I just think he’s really cool.

God I have so many more I would pick I need to stop haha


That’s awesome dude!


Yeah haha thanks


Still waiting!!! Lol


My last truth before my official depart from you beautiful beans.

Truth: Can you promise me? That’s all I want. Promise that you’ll never forget me. Tell me if I changed you somehow. Let me know if I had an impact on your life. Promise me that you’ll always remember me. Losing you all is hard enough, but I don’t want to carry on knowing I mean absolutely nothing to you.

My Song To You:

Los quiero a todos. Siempre y siempre, Alexandria G.


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Of course we’ll never forget you. We promise :two_hearts:


I promise that I will never forget you…EVER. And you have you showed me some of the greatest ideas and friends ever. You sure did impact in my life in a way you’d never know. Let me tell you you’ll never lose me…never so get that out your head. I love ya girl and I pray that whatever happens in your life is in your favor. Also Alex you mean so much to me. I feel upset that I never got to know you more, but you’re swanky girl please enjoy life and be safe, and know that you have a friend in Chocolate_Mama enjoy life :heart:


I’ll never forget. I promise. You made me realize how much I need to appreciate what I have because one day they might leave. You added an amazing and wonderful touch to the community that I really am going to miss :confounded: Te echaré mucho de menos, Alex. Por favor, no nos olvides!!!


@AlexGarciaWasHere your was one of my coolest friends and amazing person. You had always made me laugh and also give me things to remember. You trusted me enough to even tag me when you was going through rl problems. I’m so happy that you trusted me and I trust you with my life.
P.S if I forget you (which I won’t) you could kill me yourself!

***** family for life!


OMG hunny bunn!!!

I could never forget you! You have helped me so much Alex!! You are so important to me!! I will always remember your amazing truths and your funny dares!
But most of all I will remember the way you helped me and the fact that you were there for me when I needed someone most!!
And also I will remember that you trusted me enough to tell me a secret!!! Thank you so much for trusting me as I trust you as well!!

You will forever be in my heart!!!



We all promise, ally!!
Thank you for all the interesting convos and the fun, you’ll be missed, but never, ever forgotten


Thanks T for the tag!! I appreciate it more then you know


Truth please?


@Eleanor_W-15 bit if a long question lmao I apologize — ok, if you met the love of your life in summer camp, but you were forbidden to be together and the only way you two could be with each other was by running away for the rest of the summer, what would you do and why?


I would run away because one if my favourite mcr songs is Summertime and also because I really like the idea of running away with the person I love


Someone give me a dare


This sounds like a book

Also t r u t h


I dare you to change your bio to “Don’t mess with me, I have the power of god AND ANIME ON MY SIDE!”