Truth Or Dare (Innocent Version) 😇

I dunno if anyone else made the exact same thing, so let me know because I didn’t notice any other topic like this!

We all know the game of Truth Or Dare. Welcome to THE FORUM Truth or Dare!

This is an innocent version, so lemme know if I should do an evil version :skull::smiling_imp:

Basically, in this odd version of TOD (Truth Or Dare :laughing:) you have to make a poll that looks EXACTLY like this:

  • Truth
  • Dare

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Make sure you enable the “SHOW WHO VOTED”. Here’s the basic format cos I suck at explaining :’)

  • Truth :innocent:
  • Dare :smiling_imp:

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Let’s say I choose dare, the person who originally made the poll will give you a dare. If I choose truth, then the person will ask you a question you need to answer honestly.

You must follow all rules or you will be eliminated!

1. No cursing
2. Nothing inappropriate
3. You can’t do a dare like this: “get yourself flagged”, “get yourself banned”, “do a face reveal”, etc.
if you do any of these dares, ^^ the person whom you are daring has the choice to ACCEPT OR DENY your dare.

4. Have fun! (Yesss, a cliche rule :DD)

If you do choose dare, and the dare doesn’t go against these rules, YOU HAVE TO DO IT. Unless I tell you not to because it violates something I go against.

Please don’t start any arguements, this is for fun. If you pick TRUTH, you must tell the truth unless it violates your privacy.

If you make a poll, you have to do a truth or dare in return.

Again, you must follow the rules or…




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Anyone can join! You don’t have to be tagged.
I’m so so so so sorry if you didn’t wanna be tagged! Please let me know so I don’t make the same mistake again :))

-Nepty (Neptune :rofl:)



I’m lost but ok :blush:

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Ooo sounds fun! :hot_face::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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I dare you tooooooo…

Go to a random post and say “Hiya homesicles.” Make sure you tag me and make sure the topic of the post is “GENERAL CHAT”.

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is it true that discobot has a big time crush on you? (DO YOU LIKE EM BACK??)

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  1. Yes, he likes my lips and he likes my feet for some reason and he said something I can’t mention here because it isn’t innocent and no I don’t like him back he’s a desperate cheese

bOriNg bUt oKaY


I’m in :smirk::thinking:

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iM innNnN

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yay, dad :laughing:

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fred lookin cute

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yeah, he just got his hair cut :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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fresh cut ouu :hot_face:

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you also picked dare sooo…

i dare you to tell a random person you want to marry them. (IT CANNOT BE @SAMUEL OR @KERRISTRWBERRY or any of your friends in general) make sure it’s through a PM and you gotta send me a screenie :smirk: (through PM as well because we don’t expose people here)



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i’ll add ya to our group when he sends it to me :laughing:


thanks :triumph:


I have someone in mind but idk if they count :rofl::rofl:


:joy: yo I thought you said at first that you wanted me to marry @Samuel and I’m like what…?! Nooo he’s like my lil bro :joy::heartpulse: