Truth or Dare part 2

Truth please. :eyes:


Dare (no pfp or bio)

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I dare you to go play [Game] suspend/ban/Mod!

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Can you link it please?


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Your welcome. It’s my new game and there is the Why Game too.

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Truth! :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay then, what a nice dare, lol

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Truth, please!
(Preferably intrusive)

If you either had to kill your best friend or your favourite parent/guardian, who would you choose?

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Truth and a dare plz

Ouch… um…

I’d probably choose to kill my favourite parent, since I’d prefer to have my best friend(s) by my side. It’d still hurt me a lot to have to choose between them, though, since I love that parent dearly.

On the flipside… that’d leave my other parent in a sticky situation… since they can’t drive due to a certain medical condition. Though we don’t get along at all, I’d still feel bad for putting them in that situation.

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Truth please

Post a GIF here that truly defines your favorite person on the forums according to you.

Truth? Can be super invasive or normal or whatever haha

I am an angel cat!

But I am a human irl

Have you ever broken or fractured a bone? (Chipping a tooth counts.)