Truth or Dare part 2


Truth and a dare please no bio dares


Invasive truth please


What’s your REAL name?


If not an artist, what would be your second choice as a job and why?

I dare you to post a GIF which best describes the person above you.








Oh shit, I am scared now.


Ok I gtg I will finish this convo later


I would say graduating from College.


Truth please.




Truth please?!


Can I get a dare pleasee


Have you ever let someone take the blame for something you did?


What is the scariest or weirdest dream you have ever had?


Ugh so I don’t dream much but. The weirdest and scariest dream I have ever had was everything was pitch black and it felt like I lost my two front teeth. I was mortified and I couldn’t wake up so I thought it was real. Until finally woke up and I pleasantly pleased to realized I had my two front teeth. And it was just a dream.


Wow, that sounds so creepy, luckily it was just a dream and you didn’t actually lose any teeth :joy:


Right! That would of been very, very, very messed up!


What is your worst fear and why?!