Truth or Dare part 2


Truth please


Favorite holiday?


4/20 :joy: in all seriousness probably halloween for the aesthetic


I guess I want a new phone, the one I have now is my dad’s old one.


Of course you made my list!




What’s the happiest moment in your life?


Truth please and make it invasive :thinking:


The happiest momment.

When my baby brother was born, I was always an only child for as long as I can remember and didn’t have many people to talk too so I’m pretty shy (Or as that one kid in school says, "Anti-Social) anyway, I found out my mom was pregnant a little back and was super excited because I’d finally have a sibling.
Ya know.


Who’s on your favourite and hate list on the forums?
Sorry if this isn’t intrusive enough. >_<


Easy I’m going to tell you and then delete it


That’s really nice! I’m happy for you.


Just a few


Ooo nice meow~


Can someone give me a truth and a dare meow? ฅ’ω’ฅ


Invasive truth please


Hello and thanks for answering it meow~


Hey! Np. I see you’re new to forums? Feel free to DM me!


Can I get a dare?

Also @DarkDreamz.
If you could murder anyone on the forums without getting caught who would it be? (At least two people)

And dare, change your PFP to any photo of a baby alpaca for an hour.


Yes I am and sure I’ll DM you meow~