Truth or Dare part 2


Truth please


Why are cats better than dogs? :thinking:




Because they are stubborn and don’t like doing what people say for them to do. Humans can connect with them on a level that dogs and humans cannot because dogs are obedient and cats are more like humans.


Truth and a dare plz


Rude babe


That’s nice. :ok_hand:t3:


truth plz

dare plz (no pfp plz)


What do you think of the story title The Unspoken?


Dare: tag 3 strangers and say nice things


@liveyourdreams nice username!

@SilverKnight I like ur pfp

@rose03 I like roses


Dude u went thw truth??? Lol


it sounds cool.


Can I get a truth and a dare plz


truth: what do you think about a story abt the forums :thinking:

dare: I dare you to pm a random person and say “Yo dude you’re really cool”


Turn: I think t would be pretty awesome

Dare: doing it now


Dare please.


I dare you to post, “I posted the nth post in this thread!” in 20 threads of your choice.

A lil’ demo (in this thread) –

I posted the 1638th post in this thread!

I know its a little weird and complicated (Sorry :P)


Truth please - not about who I would date/marry on forums hehe. :sweat_smile:


Truth: Do you believe in Fate?