Truth or Dare? 🙃



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Truth or Dare game

SO, I’ll start. @ChayChay Truth or Dare?


Truth… play it save for now… lol


If you had to be in someone else’s shoes (forum or not) for a day, who would it be and why?


Hmm… I would want to be in my friends shoes… Mary… because she is a strong and independent woman… who loves everyone and isn’t afraid to show it!!!


@Tellyg47 truth or dare??


He isn’t active right now… let’s see @Chocolate_Mama truth or dare???




Until he comes back on, I’ll continue.
@Chocolate_Mama Truth: You’re new teacher is so annoying and rude! You need to come up with a way to put her to sleep forever. How will you do it without getting caught???


I’d wait until there’s another student that argues with her. Once that goes crazy I’ll place something in her drink. Then I’ll place the poison in their desk. Once the cops come everyone would point to him and find the poison.






You might wanna make sure it’s a girl who argues with her because poison is almost always used by women for some reason so it might be slightly suspicious if it was a dude.


Daree (No pm spams , change pfp)


Thanks man!


Np bestie!


Hey AmyAn


Can I have a truth?


@FinnTheGhost You’ve had such a great time partying with your friends, @Chocolate_Mama @Tellyg47 and @SilverStar. You all are so drunk that you end up participating in a satanic ritual. You have to sacrifice one, burn the other, and switch souls with the last. Who takes which position and why? (Explanation is optional.)

@Chocolate_Mama I’ve taught you so well. :sob: :heart_eyes:
I was asking because I want to kill my Comprehension teacher. :heart:

@Hope_fully What’s wrong?


Hey :blush: