Truth or Date ❤


This thread was inspired by mistake. I accidently said truth or date instead of truth or dare, @dramaqueen.episode pointed it out lol. So I decided to make a thread.

How to play:
Some one will ask Truth or Date, if u choose date you have to date someone for a certain amount of time. Its whatever the person gives you. And if u choose truth it would be about who u would date or like. For a date:
P1: date?
P2: @P3
P1: can u be my gf/bf @P3?
Something along those lines is fine.

• please dont start drama
• this is all for fun
• u can turn down a date if u feel uncomforable
• u can have an opinion just try no to be rude.
I thought this thread would be fun to make, but I didnt really know how to put this together. Any tips would be nice.

I’ll tag the people who voted yes and/or wanted to play





I’ll start truth or date?




Who would u marry on forums




Hottest former


Ummmm I don’t know what anybody looks like lol


@Drama_Queer cuz she my wife


Whos the hottest forumer as u imagine what they look like


Damn why did I even play this game :woman_facepalming:


Can I pm you if


Cause ur bored idk lol


oooooo PM me too this is a GREAT QUESTION LMAO


I will pm you both :roll_eyes:


Thats fine, u dont have to answer if u dont feel comfortable though




Lmao ok


@Juann @_Nasia


I wanna play!


Ok lol truth or date?