Truth or Date ❤


Well that’s actually hard question. I only feel close to one other person. And that’s @Skyzor




What’s this mean baby? :thinking:




Who in your mind on the forums would make the best wife?

Also I’d like a date please.


Um I’ll name a couple @Circe_dreamteam. Shes really nice and supportive, but also one of my first friends here.

Date: ask @/EpisodeShadow out if she says yes be with her for at least 2 days. U can tell her this is just for fun and it was part of this thread when in ask her out.


Pardon… .-.


Jk, what is this?


@EpisodeShadow will you date me, When I look at you I get lost in your username, Of course, we only have to date for 2 days.


I’m flattered but–I’m not really comfortable with that…Sorry. Even if it’s a game, still–


Darn! Here I thought my flirty pickup line would work. Just kidding, I totally understand, It was as you know a joke/game.


It’s just a game and stuff lol


I’m still not comfortable with that


Sorry, I won’t tag u in here as a date or whatever


This sounds interesting and fun. :slightly_smiling_face:
Can I have a truth or a date? Or both of them?
A quick warning though that I have been matchmaked by Sushi aka @/BadassSaasha so if anyone is going to give me a date then please make it like a day or something like that?
@jenna1012 I think u meant to write truth or date instead of this?


Truth please.


U know what I meant hahaha


Former u would date in rl


Do you mean you accidentally said truth or date instead of truth or dare? :sweat_smile:


shhh I fixed it