Truth or False Game


This game you will give either 3 true things about you or 3 lies. Then someone tries to guess if you are naming a true or false statement.
I"m gonna tag people to get this started and these tags are random so don’t ask why were you tag.
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I’m first:

  1. I don’t know how to ride a bike
  2. I have been in love before
  3. I never broke a bone
    Are these facts true or false?



  1. I’m a Star and episode doesn’t know that
  2. I’m soooo writing a story
  3. I. Love. Groot.


You’re right! and True?

  1. I’ve been held gunpoint
  2. I can’t draw
  3. I used to secretly date my brother bff



  1. I’m straight
  2. I’m single
  3. I hate everyone


True? And you’re right!

  1. I have a cat
  2. My best friend is a guy
  3. I skipped a grade of school



1: I have been to Paris
2: I’m single
3: I’m straight


No It’s false and true?

  1. I once licked a mop
  2. I have 2 brother s
  3. I have cussed a teacher out




1- i have been to china
2-i love cats
3- i used to secretly date with cameron dallas



  1. I have never taken a course for another language
  2. I have two cats
  3. I enjoy corny romances :sweat_smile:





  1. I am in love with Jay Park.
  2. Most of my music is based off of rap.
  3. I’m queer.


Mine was false


1.i watch netflix a lot
2.i’ve gone to morocco many times
3,i’m lazy :sweat_smile:


You’re right!! It was false!!


i knew it i mean no one enjoys corny romances not in this century at least hhhh lol :joy::sweat_smile:


True ? lol

1- I’m in a relationship
2- My first language is french
3- I am still in high school


i’m thinking false


It is all true ! What did you think :laughing:


hhhhhhh lol i’m thinking that i’m stupid now for not guessing right lol