Truth or False Game


So do I!! I have just been listening to more nightcore recently


I don’t hear a lot of Night core but I heard one song i liked. Give me a minute to find it


I’ll pm you so we don’t get flagged for being off topic



  1. I have a gay best friend who acts alot like Kurt from Glee
  2. I love the movie singing in the rain
  3. I’m part Hawaiian part Korean



  1. I’m Hispanic
  2. I can’t sing
  3. I’m a not great artist


You’re correct, and I say True?

  1. I have blue hair
  2. My favorite colour is icey blue
  3. I hate/love alaska


You’re correct and False?

  1. I have green hair
  2. I never played Episode
  3. I love heavy metal


Actually it’s true, and I hate/love Alaska cause I live there.

I say false.

  1. I’m lesbian
  2. I hate cookies
  3. I’m in love with chocolate.


Correct and true idk

  1. My name is actually Giselle
  2. I love Nightcore
  3. I’m from Nebraska


False, and I am rocking at this game!

I say true.

  1. I have 2 dogs
  2. I have 1 snake
  3. I love salty foods


Oh no it’s true
I say false

  1. I have a rabbit
  2. I’m 15
  3. I hate reading


Oh, I said false as in ‘My Stuff was false’ and below it I said true.

Anywho True?

  1. I’m 19-21
  2. I have a boyfriend
  3. I have curly hair


True? And ok that’s was false

  1. I’m 5’4ft
  2. I don’t like art
  3. I have 5 brothers



  • I’m asian
  • I’m 6’3
  • I don’t play sports


It was true


Really I like sports and I’m 5’4 for so I’m short


Lol I’m tall


Yes you’re what I call a “tree size human” :joy: well compared to me who would be a bush