Truth or False Game


Nope it was true and damn I want a friend named Ketchup


  • I love to rp
  • I’m watching people almost get arrested on yt :joy:
  • I’m very tired


Yes it’s true my sister quit as soon as she joined @Ninel.episode :roll_eyes:
Lmao :joy: she was an interesting friend

True?? Who doesn’t love watching ppl getting arrested?

  • I can’t speak French
  • I can color inside the lines :grin:
  • I love chicken!


True!? And you got it right :joy:

  • I can’t wait for christmas!! :joy: :christmas_tree:
  • I can sort of speak Japanese
  • I’ve been to the majority of europe


Nope :sweat_smile: and yay!

  • I love Christopher Shaw
  • I have a small obsession with Cristiano Ronaldo
  • I love the Carter house series


True?! And yeah it was true

  • I have black hair
  • I have brown eyes
  • I wear glasses


False?? And it’s true so Yay!

Hmm about me?

  • I have brown hair
  • I have light tan skin
  • I have a socks on


Ya it was false!

  • It is my birthday in exactly 4 weeks and 3 days
  • I don’t like halloween
  • I don’t like sushi


False?? And you’re right

  • My favorite holiday is Easter
  • I love dinosaurs
  • I’m secretly counting down the days until school is over


Yeah you got it right.

  • I love drawing and learning about space and our universe
  • I hate english
  • I want to learn french


Yes and true??

  • I think the world is round
  • I’m in love with Harry Styles
  • I’m not cold rn



  • I think earth IS round
  • I am on my laptop and phone rn
  • my suster is right next to me being annoying


True?? And and false I love Niall

  • My brother keeps texting me
  • I have small feet
  • I have a crooked finger bc I broke it


Wait so you think eart is flat?! And yea it was true!

  • I don’t like cheese
  • I love beanies
  • I don’t like pizza that much


Yes I do! :sweat_smile: And false?? And you’re correct

  • My hair is down
  • I love going to the mall
  • I stay up till 3am everyday


Earth is definetely round. Nah it was true.

  • I’m bisexual
  • I love raspberries
  • My favourite ice cream is chocolate



  1. I’ve never read Harry Potter.
  2. I have published a story on Episode.
  3. I’ve been to San Francisco.


Nope it was false :joy:


  • I’m drawing
  • I am talking to one of my best online friends rn
  • I wish I was eating chocolate… :drooling_face:


False? (And you’re correct)

  1. I wasn’t on the old forums.
  2. I have read stories on Episode today.
  3. I haven’t had dinner yet.


And you were wrong it was true.

  • I’m watching yt
  • My dog is in my room with meh
  • I’m in my bed but sitting on the end leaning against the back part :joy:


It was false, hehe

  1. I have glasses.
  2. My favorite fruit is an apple.
  3. My birthday is in May.