Try my story Two Lives


This is my story Two Lives😊(


Hey there! I will definitely read your story it indeed looks interesting! I love the cover! :heart_eyes:
Best wishes!

-Cydnie :rose: :purple_heart:


THANK YOU GIRL❤ let me know your thoughts😚


I surely will! I know it will be a fantastic story!


Hey, I’ll check out your story when I get a chance! :slight_smile: In the meantime, would you like to take a look at my story?




Cool! Here’s the link:


okay, i’ll read it when i finish another story i’m reading right now!


Hey! Do you want R4R? :blush:

This is my story:
Author: Cribb
Genre: Drama
Description: Cleo’s life changes right before her departure for Spain. Will this holiday help her to forget, or everything will get worse?
No one can be trusted.

Let me know!


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