Try This Story. REAL TIME With Jeff Meyers



TITLE: REAL TIME With Jeff Meyers
GENRE: Informational Comedy/ Episode Tv Show
AUTHOR: Darius Q. Hunter
DESCRIPTION: This story takes you to a world where Episodes best writers get the credit they deserve. If you are a writer and you have more than 8 thousand reads, U could be nominated.
We have Celebrity Guest Appearances, Author of the day, Camera crew Traveling, Episode Updates, And World News. Try this unique, one of a kind story TODAY.


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Do you perhaps have a link to this story? It sounds interesting.


Ooh intriguing. My passes have run out but I will check out the first episode.


Right, so I checked out the first episode.

The overall premise is extremely interesting and I hope these suggestions may help you (first episode only seen):

  • I noticed each time a sound was used there was a transition, I recommend just having the sound there.

  • Perhaps, you could add a depiction of the authors and Jeff is engaging in conversation with the authors.

  • Also, maybe split up the dialogue into smaller bits and maybe add some comedic skits (so maybe Jeff backstage before going on - something like

MAKEUP GUY: Jeff, are you sure you want to go au naturale?

JEFF: Damn it, being middle aged is a freaking gift.

MAKEUP GUY: Uh Jeff, you’re 30…

Well that isn’t exactly funny lol but maybe showing bits of Jeff being offstage would be a great way to add a hint of a storyline to the story as well.)

However I find the premise intriguing.


Well its not like u cant request the r4r


Just search it on Episode




Thank you so much for the tips and i want u to kno that everything u said or suggested will eventually be on REAL TIME. But it takes much time to get things done. REAL TIME is no where near done and i look to make it as realistic as possible. Thanks any way


I will keep the backstage thing in mind




Ah thank you, for your explanation! I really appreciate the response and all the best!