Trying to attempt tappable overlay dressing game that will remember the outfit choices in the future scenes of the episode

Everything worked fine up until I added in the points as an attempt to remember the outfit choice for future scenes, but I’m not sure what to do next to get this to work. Maybe there is a different way to do it? Below is my script. Thanks so much for your help.

Points are an accumulative scoring system, so they will not be very effective for recalling a past outfit choice as they will likely change when more points are added or subtracted. Instead of using the point system, I would use the gain/flag system. It works like this:

#Character says “Yes” to this choice {

gain outfit_1


Then you can recall this choice later on like this:

if (outfit_1){

@.CHARACTER changes into outfit_1


I hope this helps.

Yeah I figured out how to do it that way however this is my problem now, when I try to recall the choices to test the coding I keep getting an error message

I’ve tried a few different things already and the placement of the if/elif/else code is just for a test however the character will appear in the next scene so I want them to have the correct outfit on but I wanted to test this coding before i moved on.

I think that else doesn’t require any specification of the flag you’d like to call. This is because else applies to anything that doesn’t match the original if statements.

When using the points system with outfit games, you have to use = to set the points. Don’t use + or - otherwise the points will keep adding up each time you test the game. And use a character that you know you won’t add more points to in the future

so how do I make the third outfit memorable?

You can either just make the else statement act as if it is for the third outfit alone. This can simply be done by removing the (…) below the else statement and then keeping the other remaining code.

Otherwise, you can add another elif statement that applies to the third outfit and then leave the else statement completely blank.

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I’ve decided to use the flag system instead as per this website’s recommendation for a dressing game

However i got lost once I reached the point where I want them to remember which outfit they selected the Yes choice for

Yes that’s my website and my template lol

To remember the points/flags just use if/elif/else

AHHHH I just had to remove the () from the else and it worked thank you so freaking much i was stuck on that for a while!

I just misunderstood the correct format but I figured it out thank you!

No problem. Glad I could help.

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