Trying to create Limelight story on PC not working PLEASE READ

I usually make stories on mobile creator limelight but I decided today that I would take a look at making a limelight story on my laptop, when I came to it, I made a new story added 3 characters so far but then it takes forever to load if I want to turn the characters around on preview, it just keeps saying loading but it never loads as I’ve left it for a couple hours but still nothing. Same with the script, same with all the previews. I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue before and if so how did you solve it.
(I’m pretty sure its got something to do with my laptop but idk)

I think I’ve experienced this issue. what I found out that its because of the connection

I’ve tried reconnecting to wifi, I’ve tried moving into a different room for a stronger signal but it hasn’t worked

have you restarted your laptop?

Just trying that now

still doesn’t load in

try to use google chrome browser


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